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Brenda Stokes Lee


Brenda Stokes Lee,

Erotic Romance Author & Writer


Tucked away in her bedroom, a timid twelve year old girl used a pen and pad to escape the boredom of her mundane existence. In that room she marveled at the characters and worlds she created at a whim. No one, including this imaginative, bright eyed little girl knew she’d grow up to be a national bestselling erotic romance author. Few would believe that shy twelve year old writer was Brenda Stokes Lee, the proud author of over twenty novels and seventy novellas.


Brenda Stokes Lee is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author in African American, Contemporary and Interracial Romance. She is not only an author, but is a screenwriter and publisher as well. Brenda is a good old fashioned storyteller who loves to spin erotic tales of love, mystery, fantasy, action and intrigue. She is a gifted writer. Guard your secrets, because she is addicted to an intriguing story.  She loves grown folk's drama and refuses to let a trivial little thing like the truth come between her and a good story. 


Born in North Carolina, but raised in the suburbs of Washington D.C., this writer is a Morgan State University graduate who currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Creative, funny and full of unbelievable tall tales, her mission is to take the reader on a roller coaster ride unlike any other. A master erotic writer, Brenda is determined to make you laugh, to make you cry and most important to make you feel alive.

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Have you ever read a book or short story by Brenda Stokes Lee? Well, if you are a true fan of hard hitting erotic romance fiction you are in for a real treat. To download FREE books and erotic tales by Brenda Stokes Lee follow this link-

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Readers Said...

Brenda Stokes Lee's sex scenes are so explicitly hot I thought my Kindle was going to burst into flames.

Reviewer- Amazon

D-R-A-M-A! This author knows how to lay drama on top of sexy drama to suck you into the story. I could not put this book down until I read, "The End."

Where did this author come from? This love story was so intense I felt like a character in the book. I laughed, I cried and I felt every high and low of the heroine. All I can say is more please!

Reviewer- iBooks

Reviewer- B&N

Readers Said....
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